Hands and Feet

IMG_3730Please bring open toe shoes for any treatment where toes are painted to avoid the polish smudging.  If you do forget these, flip flops are available to purchase from the salon for just £2.

All manicure and pedicures are finished with a polish of your choice.  Upgrade to gel polish on any manicure or pedicure for just £10.

Simply Hands

File and Polish on fingers (20 mins) - £13
An express file and shape of the nails finished with an application of a polish of your choice.

File and French Polish on fingers (30 mins) - £15 

File and Tidy (20 mins) - £10

Shaping of the nail, cuticle work and buff to a shine for those not wishing to have polish.

Mini Manicure (30 mins) - £18

Perfect for those limited for time.  This includes shaping of the nail, cuticle work and a 2 step exfoliation and massage.

SNB Signature Manicure (45-60 mins) - £22

This manicure helps to strengthen, rehydrate and tidy the nails and cuticles and includes a massage with a soothing hand cream.

Luxury Almond Spa Manicure (70 mins) - £27

A luxurious treatment using Sweet Almond, Jojoba oils and Vitamin E to intensively nourish your skin and nails.  All the benefits of the classic manicure with the added luxury of an almond milk bath, almond moisture scrub and almond illuminating masque.

Paraffin Wax Manicure (75 mins) - £32

All the benefits of the Luxury Almond Manicure, with the added luxury of paraffin wax, which provides intense moisture and hydration to the skin. Paraffin Wax can help relieve the symptoms of arthritis and sore, cracked skin.

Swarovski Crystals - 50p each

Gems - 25p each

Design - from £5

Simply Feet

File and Polish on Toes (20mins) - £13
An express file and shape of the nails finished with an application of a polish of your choice.

Mini Pedicure (30 mins) - £20

Perfect for those limited for time.  This includes shaping of the nail, cuticle work and a 2-step exfoliation and massage.

Swarovski Crystal Pedicure (45 minutes) - £45

This lavish crystal pedicure is created by the individual placement of around 500 Swarovski crystals on all 10 toes.  This stunning pedicure lasts for 3 - 4 weeks and includes a relaxing foot massage.  Perfect for holidays and special occasions, this really is the ultimate treat for your feet.

Gel or Acrylic Overlay for Toes (60 minutes) - £22

Coloured, french gel or Acrylic overlay for the toes.  Lasting up to 6 weeks.

Twinkle Toes (30 - 45 minutes) - £22

Glittery Gel Overlays for the toes.  Finished with a super shine for party ready feet.  Lasting up to 6 weeks.

SNB Signature Pedicure (60 mins) - £27

Concentrating mainly on the nails, this relaxing treatment includes a foot soak and pumice exfoliation followed by a cuticle tidy, softening cucumber heel therapy cream and an application of your favourite nail polish.

Luxury Spa Pedicure (70 mins) - £37

This Luxury Spa Pedicure includes a relaxing foot soak, pumice exfoliation followed by an exfoliating scrub for super smooth skin, a delightful foot mask to cool, smooth and rehydrate, relaxing foot massage and application of softening and soothing creme.

Callus Peel (30 mins) - £20

A specialist treatment to target hard, dead skin, particularly on the heels.  Perfect before a special occasion or holiday.  Add this to another foot treatment for £12.

Add a foot mask or paraffin wax to any foot or hand treatment - £6

Add a Cooling Foot Mask to any foot or hand treatment - £5

The continued care for your nails after leaving the salon play the biggest part in prolonging the life of your nails, following this aftercare advise will help to ensure your nails stay beautiful until your next appointment with us. 

Aftercare Tips 

  • Wear open toe sandals for pedicure appointments.
  • Remember, the nails are jewels, not tools! 
  • Do not pick or chew at nails.
  • Wear gloves when doing household chores. 
  • Keep to maintenance appointments (every 2-3 weeks).
  • Avoid over washing hands and using alcohol gels. 
  • Moisturise hands and use cuticle oil regularly (at least once a day). 
  • Avoid contact with dyes and chemicals.
  • Remember ALL nail polish takes 72 hours to be fully dry, it will be touch dry in 10 minutes, but please be careful in this time.
  • Nail polish can last between 2 days and 2 weeks depending on lifestyle and aftercare.